Alpha IGI has been set up to build the foundations of AI super intelligence to advance breakthroughs in large emerging growth healthcare markets.

Our key to super intelligence is our structured data ecosystem that will consist of billions of layers of data focused  on chronic disease.

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Main advantages

Propriety AI Platform

World’s most intelligent AI data driven Healthcare platform for Chronic disease

Unique Data Analytics

Our knowledge graph driven platform provides individual and population health analysis

Audit Trail on Blockchain

Setting trend in global healthcare privacy and security

Data Integration APIs

Our APIs and partnerships allow us to connect with 40K+ doctors

ISO 27001 Certified and more

Securing 1.5 data records on a secure platform

Strong R & D partners

Cambridge, Oxford, National University of Singapore

Credentials And Achievements

Key members of the team have built both successful AI platforms and significant patient databases healthcare globally. In a previous AI Company key members of the team won 30 global AI competitions including the KDD cup, ACM, IEEE and data science bowl in 2019. Our team built and sold an AI drug discovery platform that was sold to an AI drug discovery Company in China. Our team has built extensive healthcare patient databases in India, China, Europe and Scandinavia and has used this data to successfully to build healthcare diagnostics and drug discovery applications. Our network of partners include Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College, No-Age and Karolinska Institute.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Through the use of advanced text mining techniques, our previous AI team was able to extract biomedical knowledge from over 30 million research articles

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AI Drug Discovery Platform – built an AI drug development platform which discovered two naturally occurring small molecules

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Digital Healthcare Risk Assessment Platform – developed for use in India which was successfully used

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The Future of Healthcare Super Intelligence using Proprietary Multi-Modal Data and Generative AI

Scientific Validation

AI Scientific Publications by Members of our Team using Proprietary Medical Data using ALPHA IGI


Can Clinical Symptoms and laboratory results Predict CT Abnormality? Initial Findings Using Novel Machine Learning

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Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for COVID-19 Infection Detection

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Influence of co- morbidities during Sars CoV-2 infection in an Indian population (Frontiers In Medicine)

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Wade M Smith


“25 years of experience in investing and developing data mining, healthcare and biotechnology start- ups in Europe and Asia. He currently resides as Chairman of Alpha IGI and sits on the board of multiple companies focusing on breakthroughs in healthcare and AI.


Abhinav Krishna


Worked with start-ups in Singapore and California. Had 2 successful exits with his Health Tech and Tech start-ups. Launched APAC for Deel. Previously he was part of Equity and Electronic Trading teams at Citi and Merrill Lynch. He built OurHealthMate – the largest healthcare marketplace for corporates with clients like Optum, JP Morgan, Airbus, Sony


Ashish Singh

Head of Ops

Ashish has experience of working across multiple countries in expanding and setting up entities in UK, UAE, Singapore and India. He has significant experience in working with multiple healthcare providers – hospitals and clinics. He has MBA from IIFT and Degree from IIM.

Our Advisors

Our scientific advisers have collectively published more than 1,000 papers in leading scientific journals, including more than 100 papers in Nature, Science, and Cell in both main and subgroups.

Professor of Molecular Neurogenetics at the University of Cambridge. The Deputy Director of the Cambridge Institute of Medical Research (CIMR). The Academic Lead of the Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) Cambridge Drug Discovery Institute. A fellow of the Royal Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • Prof. David Rubinsztein

Has a Ph.D in Biochemistry at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012, he commenced a 5-year postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institute on Aging USA with Dr. Vilhelm Bohr. He has established his independent laboratory at the University of Oslo, Norway, which focuses on Alzheimer’s disease. He has published over 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is the recipient of several awards including The NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence 2014, 2015, and an awardee of the prestigious Butler-Williams Scholar on Aging 2016 (USA).

  • Prof. Evandro Fang

Our Ecosystem